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Zoolander 2 (February 12, 2016) | First Official Trailer Released!

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Directed By:
Ben Stiller
Written By:
Ben Stiller & Justin Theroux
Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander
Owen Wilson as Hansel McDonald
Will Ferrell as Jacobim Mugatu
Christine Taylor as Matilda Jeffries
Penelope Cruz
Billy Zane
Fred Armisen
Cyrus Arnold


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rightformula1 said:
Hopefully it turns out better than Anchorman 2 did :ohno:
You stans are something else
You either hate a sequel for going too far or not far enough :facepalm2:
AnotherBadCharacter said:

Anchorman 2 just wasn't a very good film
nutella said:
Don't worry.  His posts are not logical
AnotherBadCharacter said:
Ohhh he used to be called LordeYeezus right? Now I get it :hah:
So there's no such thing as difference of opinion?
nutella said:
How is Anchorman 2 a bad movie?
1. It had a more developed plot than its predecessor.
2. The jokes were a lot funnier
rightformula1 said:
Fuck no, the original Anchorman is way funnier. And it was dumb. The whole blindness and shark subplot was stupid as fuck.
To each is own I guess :kanyeshrug:
I hated the first film and loved the second
Some of my friends who swore by the first film liked the second one more
Harford said:
This man really said he hated the first anchorman but loved the second one..
I don't hate it anymore
It's slightly overrated tho
Would highkey rather see a Tropic Thunder 2
1 - 6 of 111 Posts
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