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Keep it relevant to Kanye.

You might think your opinion is unpopular when it is actually agreed with...that's ok.

- Paranoid off 808s is more aesthetically appealing to me than anything off CD, LR, Graduation, and the rest of 808s, EXCEPT Flashing Lights
- Some of Kanye's best lyrics come from 808s
- Gold Digger is good lyrically, but one of Ye's worst singles, and down there with Barry Bonds in terms of how much I actually like it
- Drive Slow felt like a pointless single
- The "Popular" beat on MBDTF would be horrible
- Monster >>>>> So Appalled by far, but neither belong
- Last Call is great, but how the fuck can you listen to it over and over again like some people do
- The part where he pees in the bed on Family Business really bothers me
- The skits on both LR and CD are completely necessary if you listen to both albums through in order
- Though CD has grown on me a lot, I think, ultimately, 808s > CD, LR, and in some cases, Graduation
- VH1 Storytellers > Late Orchestration, but both are ridiculously dope
- Heard 'Em Say is lyrically good, but boring otherwise
- I Wonder has annoying lyrics for the most part.
- Kanye >>> every rapper, ever, if only for his artistry.
1 - 20 of 1584 Posts
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