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I thought it'd be interesting to see what people's favorite movies, actors, directors and such are. We could list them here.

Favorite movie:
Favorite director(current):
Favorite director(all time):
Favorite actor(current):
Favorite actor(all time):
Favorite actress (current):
Favorite actress (all time):
Favorite movie character:
Favorite tv show:
Favorite tv show(still running):
Favorite tv-show character:
Favorite soundtrack:
Favorite tv opening credits:
(any more suggestions?)

Don't flame me for this :ohno:

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Favorite movie: Chinatown
Favorite director(current): Joon-ho Bong / David Fincher
Favorite director(all time): Kubrick.
Favorite actor(current): Denzel.
Favorite actor(all time): De Niro
Favorite movie character: Henry Hill
Favorite tv show: Lost
Favorite tv-show character: John Locke
Favorite soundtrack: ALIEN (Jerry Goldsmith)

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Favorite movie: The Matrix or The Dark Knight
Favorite director(current): Christopher Nolan
Favorite director(all time): Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg
Favorite actor(current): Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite actor(all time): Kevin Spacey
Favorite movie character: Norman Bates (Psycho), Verbal Kint (The Usual Suspects)
Favorite tv show: Twilight Zone
Favorite tv show(still running): The Mentalist
Favorite soundtrack: 500 Days of Summer, Inception
Favorite tv opening credits: Batman Beyond


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Favorite movie: Catch me if you Can, Full Metal Jacket, Clockwork Orange
Favorite director(current): Nolan, Coen Brothers
Favorite director(all time): Kubrick, Tarantino, David Lynch
Favorite actor(current): Bryan Cranston, Jim Parsons
Favorite actor(all time): Tom Hanks, DiCaprio, Jeff Bridges
Favorite movie character: Forrest Gump, Lebowski
Favorite tv show: Scrubs, Sopranos, King of Queens
Favorite tv show(still running): Breaking Bad, How i met your Mother
Favorite tv-show character: JD, Jesse Pinkman, Sheldon Cooper, Marshal Eriksen, Tony Soprano
Favorite soundtrack: Kill Bill 1, Inception, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, there will be blood
Favorite tv opening credits: Sopranos

could've added much more to each category but that's some of the main ones

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Favorite Movie: Vanilla Sky
Favorite Director (current): David Fincher
Favorite Director (all time): David Fincher
Favorite Actor (current): Christian Bale
Favorite Actor (all time): Tom Hanks
Favorite Movie Character: Tyler Durden
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
Favorite TV Show (still running): Entourage
Favorite TV Show Character: Chandler Bing
Favorite Soundtrack: Blade Runner
Favorite Movie Opening Credits: Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

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Favorite movie: Avatar
Favorite director(current): Duncan Jones
Favorite director(all time): Darren Aronofsky
Favorite actor(current): Christian Bale
Favorite actor(all time): Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite actress (current): Rooney Mara
Favorite actress (all time):Jennifer Connelly
Favorite movie character: Gollum
Favorite tv show: Mad Men
Favorite tv-show character: Larry David
Favorite soundtrack: Inception
Favorite tv opening credits: How To Make It In America

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Favorite movie:Raging Bull/Rosemary's Baby
Favorite director(current):Todd Field
Favorite director(all time):Roman Polanski
Favorite actor(current): Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Favorite actor(all time):Marlon Brando/Peter Sellers
Favorite actress(current): Carey Mulligan
Favorite movie character:phil Connors
Favorite tv show:The Wire
Favorite tv show(still running):Breaking Bad
Favorite tv-show character:Wee-Bey Brice
Favorite soundtrack:There Will Be Blood
Favorite tv opening credits:The Simpsons

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Favorite movie: The Godfather
Favorite director(current): C. Nolan / D. Aronofsky
Favorite director(all time): Scorsese
Favorite actor(current): Christian Bale
Favorite actor(all time): Al Pacino / Robert De Niro
Favorite movie character: Patrick Jane
Favorite tv show: The Shield
Favorite tv show(still running): Sons Of Anarchy / Curb Your Enthusiasm
Favorite tv-show character: Stringer Bell / Johnny Drama
Favorite soundtrack: Requiem For A Dream (Clint Mansell)
Favorite tv opening credits: Deadwood

Favorite movie: The Seventh Continent
Favourite director (current): Michael Haneke
Favourite director (all time): Kubrick, Lynch, Kieślowski
Favorite actor (current): Ryan Gosling/Larry David
Favorite actor(all time): Woody Allen
Favorite actress (current): Isabelle Huppert
Favorite actress (all time): Anne Bancroft
Favorite movie character: John Merrick
Favorite tv show: Twin Peaks/The Sopranos
Favorite tv show(still running): Curb Your Enthusiasm
Favorite tv-show character: Tony Soprano
Favorite soundtrack: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Favorite tv opening credits: The Sopranos/Twin Peaks

Favorite actress?

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Favorite movie: Scream
Favorite director(current): Gus Van Sant
Favorite director(all time): Wes Craven
Favorite actor(current): Ben Affleck
Favorite actor(all time): Ben Affleck (I don't know why though  :cry:)
Favorite actress (current): Scarlett Johansson
Favorite actress (all time): Don't have one
Favorite movie character: Gotta be Randy Meeks
Favorite tv show: HIMYM
Favorite tv show(still running): Parks & Recreation
Favorite tv-show character: April Ludgate
Favorite soundtrack: The fuck? I guess American Pie
Favorite tv opening credits: Friends

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Favorite movie: Forrest Gump
Favorite director(current): Christopher Nolan
Favorite director(all time): Martin Scorsese
Favorite actor(current): Jeff Bridges / Tom Hanks / Matt Damon
Favorite actor(all time): Bogart / Clint Eastwood
Favorite actress (current): Natalie Portman
Favorite actress (all time): Streep
Favorite movie character: Forrest Gump / James Bond
Favorite tv show: LOST / Seinfeld
Favorite tv show(still running): The Office
Favorite tv-show character: Jack Shephard
Favorite soundtrack: Star Wars
Favorite tv opening credits: LOST....iconic

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Favorite movie: Cloverfeild, Chicago, Hangover, Be Cool (lmao, dont ask why!)
Favorite director(current): JJ Abrams
Favorite director(all time): JJ Abrams
Favorite actor(current): Russel Brand
Favorite actor(all time): Will Smith
Favorite actress (current): Dont know
Favorite actress (all time): Dont know
Favorite movie character: Alan (Hangover)
Favorite tv show: LOST (- 6th series) iCarly, Malcolm in the middle, Summerheights high, family guy, southpark
Favorite tv show(still running): iCarly
Favorite tv-show character: Sam (iCarly)
Favorite soundtrack: Billy Joel 'Why should I worry' - Oliver and Company
Favorite tv opening credits: iCarly

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Favorite movie: The Graduate
Favorite director(current): Ji-woon Kim
Favorite director(all time): Eric Rohmer/Carol Reed
Favorite actor(current): Mark Ruffalo
Favorite actor(all time): Robert De Niro
Favorite actress (current): Julianne Moore
Favorite actress (all time): Anna Karina
Favorite movie character: Benjamin Braddock
Favorite tv show: Arrested Development
Favorite tv show(still running): Parks and Recreation
Favorite tv-show character: Season 1-3 Nancy Botwin
Favorite soundtrack: I want to say something else tbh, but I'll just go with The Graduate
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