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Your Top 5 Lupe songs!

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Your five favorite, not necessarily the best!

1. The Cool
2. The Coolest
3. American Terrorist
4. Dumb it Down
5. Streets on Fire

The list is subject to change...a lot. Haha.  :banjo:
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No order:

Conflict Diamonds
Dumb it Down
The Instrumental
Mean & Vicious
Hip-Hop Saved My Life
Put You On Game
Hurt Me Soul
Streets On Fire
Day Dreamin'

1. Hi-Definition
2. Real
3. Hurt Me Soul
4. Streets on Fire
5. The instrumental
6. Put You on Game
7. The Coolest
8. Superstar
9. Go To Sleep
10.Hello/Goodbye (Uncool)

Subject to change after Lasers is out
1. Theme Music To A Drive
2. Hurt Me Soul
3. The Emperor's Soundtrack
4. Just Might Be OK
5. Sunshine

i just revisited  F&L after probably about a year and a half...forgot how good it was
i've never liked The Cool, though

The Coolest
The Die
The Cool
in no order

The Coolest
Day Dreamin
Dumb it down
Conflict Diamonds
Little Weapon
The Instrumental
Hip-Hop Saved My Life
Day Dreamin'
Dumb It Down
Hiphop Saved My Life
The Cool
Very hard to make but, for now I have these

1) Fighters
2) The Coolest
3) Hip Hop Saved My Life

I'll probably come back and edit it into a top 10.
I'm Beamin
Lupe The Killer
What It Do
Hi Definition
1. Theme Music To A Drive-by.
2. The Coolest                                              \
3. American Terrorist.                                 
4. Coulda Been.                                       
5. Hurt Me Soul
No order cause it was hard enough picking 5

2 ways (I don't give a fuck if its not out :sarc:)
The Cool
Kick, Push II
Streets on Fire
Hurt Me Soul

Honourable mentions: every other fucking song he's made
No Order:

The Coolest
Emperor Soundtrack
Hip Hop Saved My Life
1. The Coolest
2. Fighters
3. What It Do
4. The Instrumental
5. Shining Down
1. The Cool
2. Hurt Me Soul
3. Ooh/Knockin' At the Door
4. He Say She Say
5. Switch
(No order)

Beautiful Lasers
The Instrumental
Streets on Fire
Intruder Alert
Conflict Diamonds
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