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Well I had to download this because were having issues with it on KanyeToThe a few days back. I haven't used it as my main browser since I'm still super loyal to Chrome, and it's only a beta - BUT... I will let you know what I think about it:

1. The toolbar, on OS X at least, looks much better. They need to change the back/fwd buttons though.

2. Tabs on top: it's where browsers are heading. Safari will be next. I do much prefer Chrome's appearance, however. By FAR.

3. SPEED! It launches much faster than previous versions. Let's hope they can improve on this further.

4. There are some really crazy rendering issues with some text  (on KTT at least). I have no idea what that's all about but I'll look into it..

Anyway, to conclude, it's a BETA: I wouldn't use it for my regular browsing just yet, and I'd advise others not to either. But it definitely looks like they're finally doing something about Firefox's speed, and hopefully the competition between it and Chrome will make the near future really interesting :awesome:

What are your thoughts? I know some people have switched to it full time, have any of you switched back to a stable version or competitor since?

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Used the beta since it become available but had to stop using it, as it constantly freezes up and makes my browser not respond.  so am using Chrome until the full version drops.
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