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who is Young thug?

in math: my solution➗
in history: my king?
in art: my muse?
in science: my oxygen?
in geography: my world?
I'm not even being ironic young thug is honestly incredibly talented
But Young Thug's music doesn't leave behind rap's signature self-expression through wordplay. Instead, he's the latest step in the genre's linguistic evolution: Young Thug expresses his feelings more purely through sounds. Rather than explain a social commentary through lyrics, he can leave the layers of analysis to his fans on Instagram and Rap Genius, and use his songs to authentically represent a self.

Serrano sees Young Thug-whom he describes in The Rap Year Book as "maybe the first post-text rapper, in that he doesn't even really need words"-as part of a progression of emotion, feeling-based rap. If Kanye's "Say You Will" showed us the steps for emotional transparency in rap, and Drake's confessional style familiarized us with the moves, the vocal instrumentation and emotional onomatopoeia that is Young Thug came in and started doing some avant garde interpretive dance. The Atlanta rapper, along with contemporaries like Future and Rich Homie Quan, can better express himself without the filter of words. To translate a sense of pure feeling, warble rap turns to sheer sound-a form of communication that linguist Darrin Flynn sees as closer to "spontaneous speech" than rhyming, metaphor-laden poetry.
Source: http://www.wired.com/2015/10/young-thug-evolution-of-language/
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