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you guys still haven't stopped judging people based on their music taste

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you are disgusting. in this section someone said they actually dislike me as a human being because of my music taste, and you guys support this? you are all disgusting
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Nathn said:
Musical taste means a lot to me, it shows what messages you enjoy and support and kind of gives a vibe of that person.

Would you personally want to hangout with the kid who likes this

or this

Plus it's all you have to judge by on this site.
Judging by the pic, the person who likes Slipknot would be cooler then someone who dick rides the *** in the pic :joe:
Black Jerry Maguire said:
the only **** i see are the one's playing dressup with their male buddies
It's everyday Halloween for them :oblivious:
Memphis said:
Arcade Fire meets Marilyn Manson. So ahead of it's time. So 2014. :oblivious:
They've been at it since the 90's so....not really AF :oblivious:
Memphis said:
I was being facetious. I thought you were too.. now I can't tell which one of us is going to out-ironic the other...

We wait and see...
All my posts are facetious though :oblivious:

except the the other one :ssh:
1 - 4 of 103 Posts
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