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you guys still haven't stopped judging people based on their music taste

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you are disgusting. in this section someone said they actually dislike me as a human being because of my music taste, and you guys support this? you are all disgusting
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Musical taste means a lot to me, it shows what messages you enjoy and support and kind of gives a vibe of that person.

Would you personally want to hangout with the kid who likes this

or this

Plus it's all you have to judge by on this site.
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Hi Im Mozeley said:
not at all. music is entertainment and entertainment only
And what you're entertained by shows your character, point proven.

It's not what you solely base people off of in real life, but it's a factor.
ChainHeavy said:
If you like Nicki Minaj, I assume your IQ is well below the national average.Its a safe assumption to make.

Proof you can judge based on musical taste.
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trilltolive said:
I like music too but that's kind of really dumb. You're kind of really dumb.
How? I'm not saying I'm not going to like a person based on their musical taste I'm saying it's just a big part of who they are. I have friends in screamo bands and shit and it doesn't bother me it just says a lot about who they are.

You're dumb if you don't see that
Hi Im Mozeley said:
but most people listen to the music that entertains them

whether it be nicki minaj or bob marley
Yep. What you're entertained by, how you act, what you appreciate, etc. explains who you are as a person.
Hi Im Mozeley said:
so if im obsessed with elephants what does that make me?
A fan of elephants who brings up irrelevant points in a discussion.

Memphis said:
this is fake, however. Has to be
Haha probably I was kinda fishing for people to get pissed with that post
Hi Im Mozeley said:
it was a relevant point to your post
It just proves that musical taste says more about you than your taste in animals

Person A Listens to: Rage Against the Machine, Immortal Technique, U2, Neil Young, Bright Eyes

Person B likes: Elephants, Tigers, and Orangutans

You can probably conclude that Person A is a liberal, and politics may be important to him. He may be socially aware

You can not conclude shit about person b.
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zenith92 said:
Judging by the pic, the person who likes Slipknot would be cooler then someone who dick rides the *** in the pic :joe:
And that is your opinion and you came to this conclusion based on their musical taste, thread over
Hi Im Mozeley said:
diffierent people see different things differently

i would see person A as a complete cunt. he/she probably enjoys the tender touch of a childs soft skin against theirs.

person B is clearly one of the greatest human beings to ever live
And right there you just judged him based on his musical taste, GTFO
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