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Firstly, I'm buzzing to finally find a place where I can freely express my love of Kanye without judgement hahaha I hope to meet a lot of likeminded musicians here !

Secondly, I've been told by lots of people that they hear Kanye influence through the new stuff I'm doing and it seems no matter what I always find a way to give a nod to his production - imo no one does it better (other favs kaytranada, obv dilla, James Blake) so it's a big compliment

thought this was a good opportunity to share my new drop PETRIFIED in the hope it might inspire some of you to write and hop on the beat

Here's the official release, if you have feedback let me know and if you're into it send me a reply and I'll send you the WAV for use x


@lowtmusic IG // instagram.com/lowtmusic

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