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Yeezy Co-signing what you already love

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Cudi (though I kinda hate him now)
Rick Ross
Soulja Boy
Swizz Beats
Jessica Stam
TV on the Radio
Joell Ortiz

...and now Waka Flocka.

it's cool, but frustrating because of the dickriding element -- I don't wanna feel like one and don't care for the latecomers talking shit about which that did not know.

And it's like we have the same tastes, more in common than my friends in real life, PS. we should be together, too.
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It's about Kanye co-signing something that you were into before he announced to the world/fans that he's also into it. If it's happened to you and how it makes you feel.

Cudi I started to dislike because of "Pursuit of Happiness," -- I also LOVE ratatat and thought he was terrible on it, and thought MotM just okay. His ego + Mr. Rager were the final straw.
ET said:
wait, wait did you say Cudi's ego!?! When your a Kanye fan. Sorry, I had to laugh at that.
No I get it, it's just that I really do feel Kanye's one of the greatest. Cudi saying that he's a magical genius when he's had an identical career to Wale (great mixtapes, one mediocre underselling album) annoyed me. The shit he pulls... played guitar for two months -- I'm quitting "rapping" and starting a band named after my coked up delusions...
YeezySmart said:
cudi started with kid named cudi
meant my opinion turning on cudi, will edit.
G.O.O.D.R.O.C. said:
yeah i don't get it either. i don't understand what Ye is doing. he associates himself with real hip hop: Lupe, Q-Tip, Raekwon, Mos Def, Talib, Hova, Common, Joel Ortiz. endorses a new wave of hip hop in Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Drake, Curren$y, J.Cole, Cyhi Da Prince. and then cosigns mainstream rappers (most of whom are WACK): Rick Ross, Wacka Flocka Flame, Soulja Boy.

and Armory Black, idk how you hate Cudi. his mixtape shit was dope, MOTM1 was dope, MOTM2 is dope
I know Cudi's mixtape shit was dope, that's when I was a fan. Thought MotM 1 was disappointing and the singles/leaks from MotM 2 terrible (haven't heard the full album, but I'm not really checking for it since i find him straight up boring).

And people need to have an open mind and not have an aversion to everything that's mainstream. There are times for retarded party records like Soulja Boy, and beyond that just experience the music. I love Waka/Gucci/OJ da Juiceman, they're hilarious, the records are hype and interesting and their adlibs are amazing... Cudi and Soulja Boy have a lot in common, musically. It bothers me that Cudi singing about getting high and being alone is considered "deep" but Soulja Boy singing about his swag is some horrible crime. Rick Ross -- his last two albums have been like black mafia movie soundtracks -- he's already admitted he's an actor, I appreciate the show.
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