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So I'll be updating this thread by one or two songs at a time because i don't want to do all of it now but yeah here/
I can't put them in order because the only song I don't like is Send it Up. I listened to it really loud too... It is not hype or anything :cmon:
Fuk dat sng

On Sight -
I love the lyrics to this song... Ye spits some hot ass shit on this. OP do not understand hate for On Sight
I can see how you are mad that its some damn electro shit... Idk it might help with the flashy lifestyle illustration he's painting. The album is essentially him talking about how he is Yeezus

Black Skinhead -
The drums to this song are on point, i love the bassline that comes in... He didnt scream like he did in the SNL performance which was perfect but the song lacks what most people expected I guess... Still like the song when i put my opinion into words
4 in the morning, and im zonin', they say im possessed its an omen, I keep it 300- like the romans, 300 bitches where the trojans?
If I knew what I knew in the past, I woulda been blacked out on yo ass

I Am a God (Feat. God?) -
Wtf is this shit in the title (Feat. God)... Kanye is lowkey stupid but this song is still really dope regardless of the god :)he) awful lyrics. The instrumentation is great... And the screaming part at the end has that cinematic horror feel that Kanye likes to put in his shit so I liked that... And the very ending part was good too.
I know he the most high, but I am a close high...

New Slaves -
Probably the most single-type song I guess for this album (not sure how to word that) but the lyrics are dope... I've played the hell out of this from the SNL rip I guess, so I'll probably listen to it a little later and come back and give my opinion again... I WISH HE WOULD HAVE EXPANDED THIS SONG AND HAD THE ENDING LONGER!!! THIS GOES FOR BOUND AND A FEW OTHERS :cry:
Doin clothes you woulda thought I had help, but they won't be satisfied till I pick the cotton myself

Hold My Liquor -
Let me say this beforehand... I am fucking proud of Chief Keef... Ye put him on like crazy with this song... This is a great song IMO I know you KTT Fucks love it too so :h5: I love the beat, the low ass synth going on, i love when the beat comes in for real, and then the vocals, inbetween Kanye and Sosa's chorus...
You think you know me my *****, but you really just know the old me...

I'm in It -
*Contender for my favorite song on the album
Thank God, Almighty they free at last
- That part is amazing... I love the beginning and then it builds up so perfectly... Maybe one of my favorite Kanye songs ever... I can't explain fam... I know some of you feel me, just feel me okay... (will come back and do a more in depth review)
Fuck swaghili though that was lame

Blood On the Leaves -
This may be the most put-together song on the album, (I call like 5 songs the best song but hear me out) This is a mix of his style from MBDTF and 808s... and then the Yeezus element in there. KTT Fam fwm on the motivation behind why its called Blood on the Leaves though...
Lets take it to that first party, when you tried your first molly...

Guilt Trip (FEAT CUDI!!!!) -
This is so dope that he had Cudi (on the hook)
but I like this song it gets better and better as you go... This song is like 808's and Heart-Blocka Vocals... :lol: I love this song though... probably overall one of the best. I'm still tripping over the fact he had cudi on the song though i love it. It was only appropriate that cudi was on this specific song especially too!
If you loved me so much, then why'd you let me GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?

Send it up Back -
I don't like this song... I feel like its filler... the only good lyrics are that whole line where he was like, otherwise no..
if not, Treat yo friends like my benz, park they ass outside till the evenin' ends...

Bound 2 -
This song is great, and I'm mad they didn't make that part near the end longer (Where that man is singing that thing on that one song).... I hate the "Uh huh honey" shit that should have only been used one time in the whole song...

My final conclusion for this album is most likely the fact that I love it because I can't stop listening to it... There is really only one song I do not like, but that is subject to change... feel me

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i hate send it up too but i feel like it has great replay value
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