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Holy shit, Yeezus drops a really dope couple lines about Star Wars in Guilt Trip, and UOENO!

On to the next saga
Star Wars is a saga with six films. Wait a second! What solo album is this of Ye's?

That Return Of The Jedi flow! :wom:
Focus on the future
Star Wars looks futuristic as shit, spaceships and aliens and shit :datass:
When the first movie came out it was the future of movies with special effects and scope, got damn Yeezus!

and let the crew knock her

Star Wars fur, yeah i'm rocking Chewbacca
Actual picture of Kanye below

Some of these triple entendres now!
Who's complaining about Yeezus Christ's wordplay? Stop playing Judas you lames.

Guilt Trip 11/10 song btw
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