Kanye to The banner

Ye and Rainn Wilson at the 07 Emmys

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"I never win" LOL
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RebelWithACause said:
awww he sounded so sad when he said "i never win" lmao.

He delivered that line better than anything in Runaway.

mr.cudi said:
stfu with your racist bullshit, to say shit like that you have to be either a mindless stupid white guy or a minority who uses racism as a crutch, grow up
he kinda right though...
one of my ex-friends called him a "racist *****"
after the VMA thing, and he actually used to be a huge fan!
mr.cudi said:
well your ex-friend is stupid too if he thought kanye was being racist. Some people are just so stupid and blind and they listen to shit they hear and just accept it as fact, like sheep! not even smart sheep! oh well im done ranting for the day haha
**puts james brown cape over mr.cudi**
Perry said:
on the topic of awards shows, MBDTF is too late in the season to be considered for this years Grammy's right?
yep :/
this thread has gone from a quick laugh on an old kanye video to a race debate.

smh @ the state of this world :facepalm:
mr.cudi said:
By the way, I am white. I just get annoyed when people talk shit about "white america" or any racial group for that matter. just stfu
i feel ya man, i hate stereotypes .
Albert McFly™ said:
this thread took a full 360 spin.
gibbs said:
CIGAA+ said:
I laughted out loud
lol, i was hoping someone would catch that...
1 - 9 of 72 Posts
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