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Man, I swear!
I seen this ***** Jay C, I believe drop 2 MIXTAPES.
Muhfuckas on here gon' ignore that shit.
Oh, I'll click the link, but I won't listen.
Man! The people who put so much work into their music on here, do NOT get the respect the reserve.
CJ's thread didn't even blow up!?
I mean, the same people aren't on here that I'm use to.
If you click the thread!
Listen atleast, give feedback.
Jay C, I'll check your shit.
BcB too, and Robert is ALWAYS dropping tapes.. SMH at you FOOLS.

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im always commenting the most i can...look at alot of the stuff...i see my songs get 20 downloads and no comments...thats what we want you to do wow

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I try to give as much feedback as possible. I usually check the new songs/beats. Definitely the ones that only got a couple of feedback on them. All those threads with 10-15 are just a bunch of pointless bumpin' and dick riding just cause they are friends with the person.

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so im sittin in class..

and i randomly click on THIS of ALL threads..
and lol..


thanks tho man..
Stinky is right ..they are reposted..
however ****** do LOOK and not comment...
true it is a thread
but i aint just posting it for no reason..

i like a little re assurance... lol

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Stinky said:
uhm, not to hate or anything but... Jay-C didn't DROP two mixtapes he just re-posted the ones he made b4. If you fuck with him you would have knew that... And people don't have obligations to comment on shit, they comment on shit they want to. There's nothing wrong with that.. this is a forum at the end of the day... and so what if that CJ guy's thread didnt "blow up"? You expect ppl to go crazy just because he had a big rep on KLive before? The reality of it is that he just made a rap with ppl he knew, over someone ealse's beat..and got outshined by a few rappers while doing so. And just cause he had/has a reputation you expect ppl to go nuts? I mean that's like saying wtf you didn't cop 50 cents new album "before i self destruct"? Ya'll are bullshitting.. No ones gonna buy it just off the fact that he sold a milli in the past.. they buy shit they fuck with. The other reality of it is that there are currently artists who are a lot better than that CJ guy on KTT. Hmm.. I am done.
word, yeah I said "Jay C I'll check your shit"

Word, I feel you though.
I've learned not to give a fuck anymore though.
I could care less now.
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