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xgreenxroomx said:
xgreenxroomx's Unreleased Collections

I make unreleased album collections of artist I really like for my iTunes regularly and decided to start sharing them on here with KTT since I have gotten unreleased collections from others on here before so I wanted to give back. Also I will be making more regularly and will be adding them to the thread when I finish them and if you see anything that I am missing just let me know as I will be updating all my collection when new stuff is out. Here are all mine that I made, if anyone is interested in any just quote or PM me with which ever one(s) you want.
P.S. if individual tracks have dope single artwork then they have it in the collections

LAMB$ Unreleased & Features

UPDATED 3/17/17: Added tracks 50-55 on Disc 1 and 31-36 on Disc 2 and added single artwork to Blow Up & 4AM, and added Thanks4Nothing EP in link

Pouya Unreleased & Features

UPDATED 9/14/16: Removed Hunnit Hunnit & Energy (released on Underground Underdog), added tracks 39 & 40 on Disc 1and tracks 12-22 on Disc 2, and various tag changes/fixes

Download also includes: Pouya x Germ x ShakeWell - Dead Hands (Loose Tracks EP)

Fat Nick Unreleased & Features

s/o CLZ_TDE for the sick cover

BONES & Na$ty Matt Unreleased

s/o Spenser James for the list of tracks

Black Smurf Unreleased

Key! Unreleased & Features

Cover by me
UPDATED 3/24/17:Added tracks 69-74 on Disc 1 & tracks 85-89 on Disc 2 and removed Rackades since two-9 album includes Key!
MISSING: 1. Daylan Gideon - Xans And Molly ft. Key! & Niko 2. FarrGoneeJon - Be Like ft. Key! & Que

Reese Unreleased & Features

Cover by me

Curti$ William$ Unreleased & Features

Cover by me

Chris Travis Unreleased

Cover by me, collection by blokkalaflame & edited by me

P2TheGoldMa$k Unreleased

Craig Xen Unreleased

Cover by me

ThouxanbanFauni Unreleased & Features

Cover by me, includes download of Uno x Fauni - For Christ Sake mixtape in correct order and with single artwork
UPDATED 4/8/17:Songs removed from Heavy & Heavier and a lot added and some tags fixed

Keith Ape Unreleased & Features

Cover by me, Don't Sleep On This Collection

Black Kray Unreleased & Features

Cover by me

UnoTheActivist Unreleased & Features

Cover by me
UPDATED 4/8/17: Several tracks added and some tags fixed
Missing: 1. Moody - On Da Block ft. UnoTheActivist

Freddie Gibbs
Bukkweat Bill
Sauce Twinz
Maxo Kream

Also shout out to the fam kushman, JJD, blokkalaflame, Kip :salute:
721 - 740 of 769 Posts