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This is the official Watch the Throne iTunes watch thread. In this thread, we discuss any changes, suspicious activity, chart positions, problems/questions you have, etc.

The album is officially released on August 12th, but iTunes has a special Worldwide exclusive deal with Def Jam to release the album digitally, 4 days before the 12th on August 8th.

The album costs $14.99 US Dollars for preorder and once (if) you do preorder, you get to download the single, "Otis" immidiately. (Exclusive to the United States). The song will be charged to your Credit/iTunes card immidiately, and the rest of the cost will be charged, once you decide to download the album on the launch date of August 8th.

Currently, on the Deluxe version of the album, there are 16 songs, (and possibly, 1 hidden track, Living So Italian) On the album.

Usually, iTunes will let you preview the whole album, days, or even weeks before release. Unfortunately for us.. the only song you can preview for WTT on iTunes, is Otis.

I saw another album, also available for preorder on iTunes, that is actually being released on August 9th. That's a day after WTT's iTunes release, yet, I could actually listen to a snippet (90 second preview) of the song on iTunes. You cannot do that with Watch the Throne yet. In the next few days, however, we may get the ability to actually preview the songs, and hear the whole album in it's glory, BEFORE we download it. You never know though.... Ye and Jay may have told iTunes not to allow previews until the day of release. :dno:

If there's any more information on WTT on iTunes, post and discuss in this thread, and I'll update the OP.

--Watch the Throne "Top Albums" Position (Hip Hop): #1 :slick:

--Watch the Throne "Top Albums" Position (iTunes): #4

--Otis "Top Songs" Position (Hip Hop): #2

--Otis "Top Songs" Position (iTunes): #5

Otis is rising fast!! Keep it playin on the radio:

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