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Well at least in my opinion. Kanye definitely out shined his mentor aka big brother Jay-Z. Kanye had more stimulating lines and was overall better than Jay on Watch The Throne. Jay quite a few times had a hard time flowing and sounded off beat, and his content became stale. Even though they were both up and down on content, Kanye was a bit more entertaining and witty when it came to it. Now, as far as the album goes. I think it was pretty solid, a decent album. 7.5/10 for me. What made me give it this rating was the nonstop bravado braggadocious content, it became monotonous QUICK. Im not saying talk about the struggle n shit, but toss in some storytelling in a few tracks, just to mix it up a bit. Now I know the album is called Watch The Throne, but that still doesn't leave an excuse for constant self celebration, :kanyeshrug: ehh, just my opinion tho, take it or leave it. There weren't too many relatable tracks to the listeners. But its alright, I guess when you're at that status. But as far as lyricism is concerned, it lacked considerably. Nothing to make me go back and listen to it again to understand what they were saying, I enjoy that but mehh, it is what it is. My favs in no particular order:

No Church In The Wild
****** In Paris (don't understand the hate tbh, shit is a banga!)
That's My Bitch
Welcome To The Jungle
Who Gon Stop Me
Murder To Excellence
The Joy

The production on this was pretty good tbh. Transitions of tracks were good as well. The beats were very creative but the content brought it down somewhat. I was NOT feeling Lift Off tho, maybe in the beginning for the first couple of seconds with those epic horns, but then it went south after that. I can tell they had a good time doing this album, wish both of them success on the album, (which im sure it will definitely be successful) I think the reason why some don't enjoy it is because once again, they expected too much out of the project, and over hyped the shit out of it.smh They'll learn one day. Similar Thoughts?

Sidenote: its still gonna shit on C4 tbh.lol :slick:

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Mr. Yeezy said:
its about both tbh. Jay Z is a better rapper FACT. I prefer Kanye tho as an overall artist.
I enjoy Kanye's rapping a lot more than Jay-Z's, surely I should be saying kanye is a better rapper, by saying I prefer Kanye's rapping but Jay Z is better i would be contradicting myself ?
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