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WTT Gets Better With Each Spin

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I searched for a while for a thread similar to this, but all I wanted to say is that I am on my 6th or 7th rotation of WTT and it has gotten better each time around.  I find myself discovering new lyrics, new transitions in the beats and generally just enjoying the songs more each time I hear them.  While the hype of a Jay-Z and Kanye album is near impossible to live up to, I don't think they missed the mark by much on this one. 

Anyone else experiencing this? 
There were a lot of haters on day 1 and 2...
Are you still disappointed with the album?
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Still haven't listened.
Princay said:
Waiting till I get my physical tomorrow.
Princay said:
Must kill you seeing all these WTT threads and reviews
It does. I haven't even heard the previews. Just HAM & Otis.
AK-47 said:
I'm going tomorrow man, can't fucking wait.
AK-47 said:
Hahaha good for you dude! :h5:

Its a fun album :)
If the store doesn't have it, I'm pirating that shit. I can't go anymore without listening.
AK-47 said:
Hahahaha I feel you.
I'm suprised anybody's waited this long.
KTT Record? ;)
AK-47 said:
Fuuuck, 13 more hours.
AK-47 said:
listen to a really shitty album. It will make wtt goat!
Haha, I'll download Rolling Papers
AK-47 said:

I laughed in real life lol
Oh god, such a bad album...
AK-47 said:
Horid. But I honestly like wake up........
It's the best of a bad situation
1 - 10 of 74 Posts
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