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WTT Gets Better With Each Spin

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I searched for a while for a thread similar to this, but all I wanted to say is that I am on my 6th or 7th rotation of WTT and it has gotten better each time around.  I find myself discovering new lyrics, new transitions in the beats and generally just enjoying the songs more each time I hear them.  While the hype of a Jay-Z and Kanye album is near impossible to live up to, I don't think they missed the mark by much on this one. 

Anyone else experiencing this? 
There were a lot of haters on day 1 and 2...
Are you still disappointed with the album?
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i've hit a WTT wall....i like the records but im afraid im playin 'em too much
Phucker said:
Me too. Tbh I first thought the album is poop. Now I'm like addicted to it. I would not play it to my friends, but I'll enjoy it myself. :)
your white friends don't like hard rap over dope beats?
Phucker said:
Nah, they don't like the new age computer generated music. Neither do I really, but there are some exceptions.
tell them fools to burn their acoustics and get with the program! you too :cmon:
1 - 3 of 74 Posts
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