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WTT Digital Perorder?

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how will this work?? does anyone know?
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I better get a link, I preordered the physical and didn't get a email to download Otis or anything. I did get a email for the WTT countdown though.
G-StaR said:
E-mailed links at 3AM EST If I am correct.
What the fuck lol
Grant said:
Hmm i got the email for Otis but not the countdown..
I ordered from the MusicToday site (which is owned by LiveNation)
Phucker said:
You have ordered from some other site I guess. Topspin has not sent any countdown e-mails, but Otis instead.
Fuck it I'll just download lol.
Phucker said:
Then I guess you won't be sent the digital. The wtt.com site and Kanye's site were linked to TopspinMedia.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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