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So apparently this is a meme craze rn and i always get ads for it on youtube and holy fuck what the fuck :dahell: this is the most horrible thing i have EVER seen. EVER. Like how does this have almost 10mill views in 3 weeks and people finding humor in it??

Legit the most cringe inducing thing I've ever seen. Like we had vine back in the day but vine had an idea right?? 7 second videos with whatever. This....what is the idea? Purpose? Like just what?? All i see is young ass yakubian devils being cringy :dahell: someone please help

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the cringe is the humor

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Tbh ima chalk this up to good ass marketing and 5 y/o鈥檚. And anyone using this is trying to make an audience off of dumbass 5 y/o鈥檚

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Literally the most cringe YouTube ads I鈥檝e ever seen

Y鈥檃ll seen the one where it鈥檚 a girl on the right and guy on the left and then the girl says some shit like 鈥渨ait til he sees me dressed up鈥 or some shit like that and then it transforms into her wearing like an adidas sweater or something acting like she鈥檚 the shit :dead:

I watch that shit every time it comes on just to see how dumb she looks :hah:
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