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Wow... I think we got some double standard people here...

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First alot of you guys complain that we heard to many of the tracks on the album due to them being G.O.O.D. Friday releases, but now when some new tracks leak almost everyone is listening to them and some complaining about them (I haven't listened to any of the leaks).

Plus Ye already said that songs dropped on G.O.O.D. Fridays arent the final album version.

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TGI Fresh said:
people with below 100 posts should not be allowed to post threads

there i said it
your saying because you dedicate more time out of your day to sit in front of your computer on a forum and I choose to spend my time other wise... i shouldnt be allowed to post????    mkay

B-ri said:
theres kinda already a thread saying the same thing.
my bad didnt see it. i dont search through the section to see if someone already said something. sorry
mr.cudi said:
old news


cool story bro

(insert other generic response)
i appreciate your input.................

Ekoh said:
u mad brah
nah not mad, just saying... i see why artists get upset some times... some fans dont know wtf they want
now theres 21, make sure you keep count
TGI Fresh said:
below 100s are usually trolls you know... who post repetitive threads all. the. time! :wom:
no attack on you man, just no one uses the search bar which results in every second dude posting their opinion in new thread smh.

and im proud of my dedication to kl/ktt, i go on for the GOOD music :kanyeshrug:
all good bro, i can understand the troll part...
GOOD music all day
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