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Worst Kanye song?

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Breathe in Breathe Out
Drunk and Hot Girls
or Pinocchio Story (if it counts)  :twisted:
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"I flow past low-class ****** with no cash
In a four-dash-six, bitch, you can go ask
So when I go fast, po-po just laugh
Right until I run outta gas, or till I just crash"

Somethin' bout that flow makes that whole "Breathe In, Breathe Out" for me.
And, respectfully of course, y'all's trippin':  "Drunk and Hot Girls" and especially "Barry Bonds" are great songs.

"Bad News" is dope as hell, too!!

I could understand "School Spirit", but I look at it as kind of a proto-typical "Good Life", in some ways.

The worst Kanye West song, if it must be called that, for me, is "The New Workout Plan."  Never really felt it, to be honest.  I love the breakdown and the clap part at the end, though. :D
I Wonder said:
the last 2 mins redeems the song AND makes it one of my faves...I could listen to that part on repeat.

I'm going to say School Spirit  :dno:
The ending is tight!!
1 - 3 of 81 Posts
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