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okay lets collect all these... if your country is missing look up to ur local universal music site or some sites that are selling it there..
sources are there too..

August 5th
(not too likely) Canada

August 8th
iTunes Worldwide

August 12th
Usa (def jam)
UK (amazon, play.com)
Sweden (universal sweden)
Germany (universal germany)
Norway (universal norway)
(Canada according to HMV Canada)

August 15th
New Zealand (universal new zealand)
France (amazon fr)

August 17th
Finland (universal finland)

September 6th
Italy (amazon italia, la feltrinelli)

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ThreeOhFiive said:
that is worldwide ituned date.. we talking about the physicals
i mean it's their strong strategy, releasing it digitally one week before, then physically release it.

but Canada and Italia get physicals before its digital release date?? if it really is, it should be leaked far ago
1 - 20 of 91 Posts
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