Kanye to The banner

Woke up now, DL'ing my digital copy

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How much greatness should I expect. site seems awfully quiet.. :ohno:
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Name said:
when mbdtf was out, everything seemed absolutely chaotic, it's like people are being calmly excited :ohno:
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ight, this is the overwhelmingly positive response i was hoping for.
Name said:
It's been out nearly 5 hours and it's early morning :dno:
not for us. i've got a whole day to play WTT now :smug:
when MBDTF leaked, I was shaking and whatnot. today i'm just like, meh, sure, a jay and kanye album? i wouldn't mind.. :golfclap:
Dexter said:
I've been listening to it for nearly 4 hours nonstop :D
Tell us what you think when you've listened, 'kay?
lol ight i will
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no church giving me them shivers...
kanye KILLED no church.
Dexter said:
I've been listening to it for nearly 4 hours nonstop :D
Tell us what you think when you've listened, 'kay?
just for you :D

No Church - ill as hell, the hook's awesome, the beat's really niceee
Lift Off - :cmon:
****** In Paris - wanted more grime out of this, but still dope as hell
Otis- doppe
Gotta Have It - surprisingly really good
New Day - standout track for me
TMB - :dno:
Welcome to the Jungle - Don't get the hate, i was headbanging like mad
Who Gon Stop Me - slightly underwhelmed, still massively impressed
Murder To Excellence - Love the two separate tracks, but think they should've done more with the transition between the beat switch-up
Made In America - I actually love Frank's hook on this. don't get the hate..
Why I Love You - Hudson's slightly shouting on this, but the track's actually dope.
Illest Mofo - Something's slightly off about this track, but it's still dope
Primetime - Love the sample, they did their thing, but the lyrics could've been stronger..

overall 8.5ish/10 first listen. this record will grow on me, that i know..
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Optimus Prime said:
Haha seems like mostly negative reviews of the songs but then you give it an 8.5 rating.
it's because it's good music, but i guess i expected out of this world stuff from yeezy and jay.
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ste_simpson said:
****** in Paris is the first wow moment
that mary kate and ashley line>>> lol
the ending to ****** in paris tho... wish the entire beat was like that a little bit...
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