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What's up, Im a beatmaker from Poland. Here I'd like to make a community of amatour producers and beatmakers, so we can exchange music and help each other to grow. Im new to this, just making beats from couple of months.. Im currently trying to get new listeners to my music, and of course give something good to you. So I would be thankful for opportunity to share my music here and see a bit of your support. Im posting some of my songs here. Of course you can post your songs here as well and get respond. You can check the rest on my soundcloud - WizzardMusic

https://soundcloud.com/wizard1music-3%2Fwizzard-blow-my-high - Blow My High

https://soundcloud.com/wizard1music-3%2Fwizard-old-school - Old School

https://soundcloud.com/wizard1music-3%2Fwizard-me-my-world - Me And My World


PS. Im really close to finish my best beat I think, really goes hard. I will post it today in the evening I think.

You can follow me here: @wizard1music - feedback returned :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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