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Will WTT be at Target tommorow?

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kinda wanted to pick it up while im out tommorow but i dont see it on the website....will it be in stores tommorow or will that just be for FYE?
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Its already at target now
will best buy have the deluxe tomm or just the regular
freetheheels! said:
Its already at target now
wait wut
Jasper305 said:
will best buy have the deluxe tomm or just the regular
they will have Deluxe and regular
So WTT is going to be in best buy tommorow?
everywhere will have tomorrow but deluxe is only at best buy till 23rd for exclusivity
well i just emailed the customer service and ill post my response when i get it....
saw a commercial for it earlier. said available at target tomorrow. idk bout deluxe doe
i preordered the deluxe version off best buy .... but it says release day is 8/23 .... so i guess its only in-store?
Target has it
It will be on sale $9.99
stardard CD in a clear jewel case with parental advisory sticker on front
No deluxe edition only Best Buy opens at 10am
No extra 4 tracks no embossed packaging
Front and Back are the same image as cover no tracklisting on cd back
Front has sticker over cover in white type Jay-z kanye west watch the throne
Its on Roc-a-fella records

any more questions ?
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