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Will Kendrick Lamar change?

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Lesbihonest, everyone changes after they go mainstream, and he's not that mainstream yet. Will he change and be crap like Tunechi is now? /Holla.
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Not if he lets Nicki put her dick in his face.
I really dont believe he will. based on whats hes said in his music and in interviews.
he signed to a major label

that's only the beginning :work:
Chip said:
I really dont believe he will. based on whats hes said in his music and in interviews.
Don't trust anyone, even the devil was an angel.

Ay doe, I think there's a small possibility he might. I don't want him to though, I don't wanna see another good rapper go :<3:
i hope not. i don't want to hear kendrick ft. akon or some shit like that
He won't ever be huge mainstream
probably just J. Cole-level mainstream at best tbh. And I think he'll be fine.
Id like to think not, but if thats what happens then :dno:
5 threads about Kendrick on the the first page lol.

But yeah he'll be like Cole. He's probably end up making a 'Work Out' at some point too.
Kendrick already admitted to making "sell out" songs in his earlier career. (It was in an interview)

If he did it before, I have no doubt he will do it again.
I think Aftermath is the perfect spot for him to grow to appeal a main stream audience without completely changing it up. With Dre, he can still be lyrical on a track, not dumb it down TOO much and Dre's beat could still make it a radio worthy banger. His style will change as he grows but I don't ever see Kendrick really selling out. If anything I think he'll be like an Eminem. Not saying he'll be as commercially successful, but Em was able to sell to a main stream audience and still be lyrical.
He will obviously change. Doesn't mean he'll sell out.
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