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Why Theraflu haters should not worry

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People!!!! We have seen this before from Kanye........This reminds me of the first time i heard Cant Tell Me Nothing i hated the song never was my favorite Kanye song but now i have grown to respect it and its one of the best songs on that album......Theraflu is a comercial song and its doing exactly What Ye wants....and thats stirring up controversy......think about we got Kim commenting about it we got Kris commenting about it Theraflu, PETA.....Dont worry about Kanye this is just a cry for attention IF Theraflu is on the album its just to sell records and havent we learned that Kanye doesnt do sequels with the sounds of his albums????? After CD i wanted a CD 2 but im glad i got LR after LR i wanted LR 2 but im glad i got Graduation after Grad the last thing i wanted was 808s and in my eyes thats his most complete album so alot of this i think is people are expecting MBDTF 2 well its not gonna be that its gonna be its own work of genius Yes we are dissapointed in Kanye's work right now but be patient lets hear the new Kanye Album first before we jump off the deep end Jus a thought 
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MCHRDY said:
Theraflu fucking bangs.

It's the same shit that went on when HAM dropped.
Everyone on this site hates HAM...Thereflu is atrocious and will remain so.
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MCHRDY said:
I know, but why? imo he has to change his self and his music over the years.
No one has a problem with change as long as he still make wuality music, unfortunately theraflu is just...wack as fuck. Its something that those upcoming artists at the corner of your street would give you. Amateur.
Heisenberg said:
Theraflu>>HAM tbh
lol, atleast ham was kind of epic
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