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Why no "Otis" on Deluxe Version on iTunes

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Anyone know why??
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I'm pissed atm. but imma buy it without Otis anyways tbh
I was wondering why I didn't see it on the tracklist. Strange.
it'll be updated in the morning most likely, itunes always be fuck in up
YayJay said:
I got Otis on there.. Weird..
What track number is it listed as?
YayJay said:
I got Otis on there.. Weird..
on the deluxe itunes version?
Im pissed about. Plus im confused about the tracklisting. I thought Welcome to the Jungle was 10. Does any one know for sure?
TheSammyG said:
What track number is it listed as?
i got it on 4
I got it from the download link that WTT.com emailed me, it's track #4.
StadiumStatus said:
deluxe version?
yeah :slick:
If you already downloaded Otis before when you preordered it it won't download again.
sounds different from the leak... i think the leak was better tbh
I didn't get HAM either D:
If you downloaded HAM or Otis already as a single it won't show up when you download the whole album cause you already brought it.
i edited the tracklist .. otis single #4 now
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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