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Why is Kanye blatantly contradicting previous statements he's made regarding the album's due date?

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Nine days ago, Kanye said that the album must be submitted to the label in two days. Seven days later, on the day that he revealed the 'banned' album cover, he said that it was his last day to finish the album. Today, he said that he's working on his 33rd mix of "All of the Lights." His word should mean something, so why does he keep making himself look like a liar? Also, how is this shit still not finished if it's to be shipped to stores for a nationwide release on November 22nd? Is he power tripping? The final mixes obviously won't be featured in the "Runaway" film that MTV and BET have to already have in their possession.
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He just dont give a fuck about Deadlines :D
Runaway Stronger said:
So why announce these "deadlines" if they don't mean shit? I'm familiar with the business guys, if he wants the album to come out on Nov 22, it has to be done and handed in soon.
When it's still work do to, then it's still work to do  :dno: :dno:
shev said:
who cares, he doesn't owe us anything!
we're getting a free movie Saturday with a preview of the album,
what else do you want?
And a New Song on Friday  :dno: :dno:
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