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That song is beautiful, I know people don't like the lack of a ye, verse. But I think ye let Jay kill that shit, Kanyeezy probably heard Jays verse and said, Fuck that shit, this is your song king hov :mindfk: Hov even ends it with those shots at Beanie.
Am I my brother’s keeper?
(Only if that ni**a don’t creep up)
Got a pistol under my pillow
(I’ve never been a deep sleeper)
(Cause the ***** that said he’ll…)
Blast for ya (Is now…)
Blastin for ya, That’s an assassin for ya
(These ****** got a shot they’ll shoot)
Please lord (Forgive him)
For these ni**as (Not know) What they, (Do) (Ooh)
And the beat is just godly, Mike Dean and Yeezy kill that shit :allears:
This is one of the songs of the year for me, It sort of feels like a farewell to Jay-z, I hope not. Cos hes still the king at 41. But maybe this was farewell song? I guess time will tell. Lets hope not.

Long Live the mothafuckin Throne.  :stronger:

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My favorite song. Perfect ending. Kinda' disappointed that Ye' didn't have a verse, but his inclusion at the end was cool as fuck. Jay killed that song, and yes the beat is epic. Mr.Hudson :allears:

I re-mixed the beat and made an instrumental for my friends mixtape. It was a bitch learning the strings by ear. Mike Dean da gawd.
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