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Why does it suck to be a fan?

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ever since WZRD came out all the people bashing it made me dislike the album I feel like being a Fan is hard for some reason, maybe I should just ignore some ****, I don't have an Ignore list :dno:
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Toon said:
but how do you honestly feel about wzrd? is that the direction you want him to continue going?
Prynce Cyhi said:
You let others influence your liking of music..?
No I personally like the album

and NO i do not let other affect my taste It just sucks seeing the album get criticized like that   
mattandr3ws said:
Because your a pussy, and you let other people make up your own mind.
penis in your mouth?
mattandr3ws said:
Not remotely. But GOOD ONE.
Don't a bitch just because you come on here complaining like one and someone calls you out.
Have your own opinion and do you, fuck anyone else.
Don't be a pussy. Stand by what YOU like and what YOU enjoy and fuck anyone else.
Pretty much.
Or, cry about it.
Your choice.
LOL I agree with you 100% it's just last time I defended MOTM2 I got demodded
Toon said:
but making this thread shows you had doubts? let's just say it had some flaws  :sarc2:

how do you want MOTMIII to sound?
like sex in my ears
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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