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catatafish said:
always confused me when he was at florida.
dafuck :notsureif:
That's been his weakness... He's been working to get better at it.... He's just one of those guys that are very good 3pt shooters, but poor ft shooter.... hard to say if it's mental or what.

Rev said:
And metaphoricalone tried to tell me he was better than Shumpert :laugh:
Bigger impact on his team... Undoubtedly. :joe:

Can you guess why he plays so much even with that weakness?? Cuz he is a GREAT DEFENDER....plays smart and a clutch player.

WCDon said:
Cuz he a white man that can jump. He had to give up a skill point for that shit. :kanyeshrug: and he chose his freethrows
Soooo trueee :hah:

1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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