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why do some of you prefer snapbacks over New Era fitted hats?

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i don't understand it >_>
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Something different. In a few years I'll prolly wear Fitteds again, just to switch it up.
How am I not supposed to rock my Charlotte Hornets snapback?

It could be the added coulor of the snap back.. if you have hair the way it looks when you rock the hat backwards.. many things lol who cares .
But honestly, whats the controversy over the issue to begin with?
One is adjustable and the other is tailored to fit a set size
Whatever personally works best for you is the one you should get.
Its the same shit
Whatever you like the most...though I only liked snapbacks for the nostalgic feel, especially with the Cavs old colors :(
i have dreads.... so they just work better for me personally
I never wear hats :work:
Hmm i think because when i grow my hair, my fitted is too small whereas with snapbacks i can change the size
Sweating in my fitted in the summer is the grossest shit. Snapbacks are just more comfotable for the summer
Fitteds usually look like shit. Snaps aren't as tacky.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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