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Why do people hate mac miller so much?!

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he doesnt use too many corny punchlines the beats he uses are always good, i dont see the problem. is it cause hes white and not super lyrical or fast rapping? :dno:
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Nothing worse than an artist that consistently wastes good beats.
Nothing wrong with that, he's getting some of the best beats in rap right now. I just get frustrated cus of the lyrics. I'm hoping he steps it up on Blue Slide Park
Drizzy F Weezy said:
lol at u actually listening to mac miller
I've heard 2 tapes. How would I know if its good or not if I dont listen?
Drizzy F Weezy said:
just about everyone (especially new rappers) gets nice beats nowadays

there's no excuse to listen to mac miller lol
I wouldnt call the 2 mixtapes I heard really good, just ok. It seems most just write him off cus its "weed rap" or various other reasons. You can actually tell by some of the responses about him that people have only heard a few tracks or just hate cus that's what everyone else is doing

Wiz Khalifa does what he does, but better. Which is saying alot cus I would never consider Wiz an elite artist
Rizon said:
KIDS is really good i dont see the problem with listening to him. saying why should we listen to what he says is like saying why should we listen to what flocka has to say? or asher roth? some artist you just like and they dont have to be rapping about anything groundbreaking. i dont really like flocka btw
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