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Why did 50 Cent fall so hard?

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Can someone explain me what happened...
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50 fell off? I though he was taking a break. I mean, he's paid so he can afford chillin'. :dno:
He's doing other ventures such as films and business
It was a lot easier to think of 50 Cent as a badass when he wasn't rich and doing songs like Candy Shop...

He just tried too hard to please the radio and the streets and ended up just making generic shit
Also, I thought Before I Self Destruct was a pretty solid album
He made the same album 4 times and lost his hunger over time.

He's still one of the mixtape champs tho.
C. Jackson said:
He's doing other ventures such as twitter and flopping
Daddy Fat Sax said:

Yarchini said:
He's still one of the mixtape champs tho.
I think you're talking about Weezy now :smug:
50 doesnt seem to have the ability to make good music anymore. im a huge 50 fan but shit even his fucking voice has changed

i blame his teeth ever since he had his teeth done his voice fucked and he started with that shrek flow
50 didn't fall off cuz he changed
He fell off cuz he didn't change

He should have taken Jay's formula for staying relevant (jumping on trends / people's movements to stay hot)
1 - 20 of 72 Posts
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