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Who is the top male R&B artist?

Who's On Top in R&B Currently?

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I've created a poll.

I wanna know who people think is the best R&B singer out there in the game right now.

I say The-Dream. Dude is criminally underrated but still brings the goods. :cryfam:
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dorian_j said:
I added the poll dorian_j
I hate Dream as a singer
he can write his ass off tho
usher isn't doing shit as of lately

his last album was a hot pile of shit
C. Jackson said:
Breezy easily
NCarolina Bred said:
his last album was a hot pile of shit
I'm surprised Trey Songz isn't on the list
the dream easily
frank ocean is the only other one even worth mentioning
I hate to admit it, but Chris Brown is definitely at 'the top', I'd also consider Trey Songz perhaps.

Frank Ocean is doing big things and I'm a fan - but I doubt your average kid living in a cottage in the French countryside is banging his shit, like they are for Chris Brown. Frank Ocean is top for those who are on top of their music game and know the latest artists, but there's still a large % of people who refer to the charts for news. Same applies to The Weeknd!

Maxwell is a straight BADMAN!

The Dream is also cool, I'm excited for his free mixtape/album he's releasing on 31st August - defo think he's tryna come back on top of things.

In less than a month,Dream will be back on top
1 - 20 of 266 Posts
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