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Who wants the 'Power' from the runaways film?

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i sure doo sounded much betetr
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Mannnnnn he could've made Power so much more epic putting a version like that on the album.
yeah I was disappointed with those extra LITW drums smh. I think the Dark Fantasy intro is too long, but I don't mind the Nicki intro. too much RZA on So Appalled too.

also think Fergie is WOAT on AOTL. that was very unnecessary.

I still think it deserved AOTY, but Power could've been so much better with that extended intro.
illWill said:
THIS!!!!!!! And the fact he fucked up LITW by adding those extra drums and the break between LITW and WWSIA... Smh this ***** was talking about being a "soldier of culture" yet he watered down LITW from this seriously dramatic song into this poppy club type thing and the omission of Gil Scott :cryfam:

He didn't deserve AOTY because MBDTF still has many flaws in it... Like Nicki Minaj intro ***** wtf thats a fail already... And then the extended outro on Dark Fantasy smh so fucking annoying hearing that bitch. Intro was too too underwhelming, then he went too far on dark fantasy production. He fucked up Power by giving it to us 6 months in advance and then changing absolutely NOTHING on it. Smh
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