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Who knows when Israel became the demon of the world?

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I just sat through an hour and a half long lecture about how terrible Israel is, how terrible the United States is for supporting Israel, how the United States should understand that 9/11 happened in part due to that support, etc.

I love going to school learning to hate my country. It's fun.

I'm a US Citizen. Teachers are basically saying how horrible the US is for supporting Israel. It's...embarrassing.
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Batch_Monster said:
thats not true, stop spreading hate....people like you are the reason there is no solution in sight
That shit is very fucking true
Shamalamadingdong said:
Israel has nuclear weapons, I am sure they would be just fine. That and they will prevent Iran from obtaining them, so they should be okay.
Nuclear weapons? Where do you think they got them from?
Shamalamadingdong said:
Who cares where they got them? They have them. They'll be able to defend themselves if attacked.
Well, you moron someone said earlier in the thread that Israel can't defend themselves without the US protecting it. Then you reply saying "they have nuclear weapons we should be fine ananananan"

And fuck israel and everything that their gouvernment is doing in the midle east. Open your eyes.

I bet you havent even visited the midle east, go down and see for yourself.the amount of damage that there STILL is in lebanon from the war is ridiculous. Fucking cunts.
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Shamalamadingdong said:
Oh really? You have to VISIT the Middle East now to understand? It's not fucking rocket science champ.
Well clearly you do cause you dont understand and have no idea whats going on.
Shamalamadingdong said:
Clearly you don't, because self-righteous pricks with user names of ancient Roman emperors will try and "educate you".
Yes lets starting taking jabs at usernames Mr. Shamalaladingdong

shut the fuck up.
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Shamalamadingdong said:
Fuck Palestine, Support Israel.

Cool. I can do it too.
But you cant support it.
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Shamalamadingdong said:
Make a coherent argument. Show pictures you have taken from your extensive travels to the Middle East. Show me a feed of you taking care of these poor people...
I dont know why i should waste my time when you havent made one coherent argument this entire thread.
tyBasedGod said:
The thing is... I don't actually think he is a troll :ohno:
He def is..
Im out of this thread
Lydge said:
The pair of you seem to think you know what's going on but you have no idea you are blindly hating Israel and siding with Palestine for no reason
Blindly hating israel? I dont fucking dislike something without a reason. And i dont dislike jews, matter of fact my best friend is jewish and im 1/4 israeli. I dont approve of what theyre doing down there and it shocks me how much explaining needs to be done for this seal of an OP (if hes not a troll that is).
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Shamalamadingdong said:
Well considering all you have done is rattle off random things and tell me to go to the Middle East, you really have not said much have you?
Ive seen the damage done, ive heard stories from both sides and ive read on it. And when a jewish person in israel talks to you for hours about how they are in the wrong, it doesnt take much for you to realize who the fuck is causing chaos.
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Im outty for good, biologie is calling my name
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