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Who is better lyrically?

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Lupe Fiasco or Mos Def?

I know that most of you are going to say Lupe based off the fact this is the Lupe section but I've always been a huge Mos Def fan and his lyrics are extremely powerful.
Listen to his verse in this: It starts around 1:28

and of course:
What do you think?
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Moodmuzik said:
Lupe easily

did you even listen to the songs i posted?

"Ends don't meet where the arms (guns) can't reach. Mean streets. Even when It's free it ain't cheap."

That's not even the best one.
Moodmuzik said:
nice and all but Lupe and it ain't close.
What's lupe's most lyrical song would you say?
MR EKO said:
it dosnt matter what u say (even tho ur right), hes just going to pull up some mediocre mos def song, and say its more lyrical lol
not really. And for you to even say mos def is mediocre lyrically it shows how truly ignorant you are. Saying lupe is better is one thing.
and clearly you have never listened to 1 mos def album or the black star album
MR EKO said:
wheres the quote where i said mos def is medicore lyrically?
we are talking about lyrics here. read the title of the thread. 

and did you listen to the songs that i gave as examples, they are nowhere close to mediocre lyrically or musically
MR EKO said:
lupe>mos def
that was an irrelevant and immature response to what i said
Stinky said:
mos def wins this one, has done way more for hip-hop in general, has a bigger fan base / following and is arguably the better rapper
thank you,
i thought i was going to have to move this to another section to get some unbiased opinions
Even though I made the thread I'm not picking one either. Just couldn't let that fool use the words mos def and mediocre in the same post
Versa said:
. ? Who are you referring to? Who's relatively new?
FnF_T said:
Lupe. He's superior, lyrically, and is far more consistent. I really like Mos Def, though - especially after "The Ecstatic".
I agree with your consistent comment because I didn't really like the new danger but how hard is it really to be consistent when you only have two albums?
I take it bak because of lupe's mixtapes
Moodmuzik said:
And lyrically

Talib > Mos
yea its very close in my opinion I constantly go back and forth which one I like more
FiascoFrenzy said:
Seriously, you keep asking people if they listened to those Mos Def songs you posted
If you are trying to use that against me then you have to be kidding. I think I said it twice which doesn't equate to "keep asking" and I refereced them because I felt he wasn't giving mos def a chance and didnt actually listen to the songs.
FiascoFrenzy said:
), then it would be hypocritical for you not to read that failure breakdown. I thought that was pretty obvious from my post...
I didnt ask anyone to read a lyric breakdown I simply asked to listen to two songs. I have listened to the cool and food and liqour in entirety therefore I am not a hypocrit
American Terrorist said:
lupe's first mixtape>>>>>>>>>>>>> j. cole's career
I love the relevance of this comment. *looks back at original post*
KaramuKarim said:
how is it irrational? i like both rappers. i have/had Lupe's whole discography and most of Mos Def's work. i just don't think its an argument. Mos Def is top 20 DOA
DOA? Death of autotune? Lol wut
KaramuKarim said:
dead or alive
ah hahahah my bad
FiascoFrenzy said:
I meant unbiased as in not an utter lupe Stan. I don't have an answer to who's better lyrically that's why I made the thread . It my appear I vote mos def because I posted his songs but they were just a reference. I didn't think I had to post lupe songs because I figures everyone here knew all/ most of them
Moodmuzik said:
really out of all songs you pick Casa Bey?

I'm convinced you ppl don't listen to Lupe.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I listen to both and am I huge fan of both artists
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