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Which fan base is most defensive?

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What fanbase is most defensive when you say you dont like their favorite rapper?
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he's not even the best rapper in his group
Steele said:
Tyler's not bad at rapping.
how can you say that with so little evidence of earl's personality? :work:
ecabney said:
but he's the most charismatic, and that's why he's the most appealing to most
i'd rather listen to EARL than goblin :work:
lupeisrap said:
Tyler the Creator is a pretty good rapper but what sets him aside for me is his ability to make tracks. Both his albums were concept albums, where he made all the beats, and made basically a story. He made all these different personas and just does a lot of cool shit with his music. Earl Sweatshirt is definitely a better "rapper" but he doesn't have the production skills and song making ability and all the intangibles that Tyler does. Tyler is awesome as a whole and he's only 20 I'm sure his rapping will improve. His rapping is far from bad..
earl rapped on every song except wakeupfaggot :work:
lupeisrap said:
Tyler produced every song on that album except epaR and Stapleton
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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