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Which fan base is most defensive?

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What fanbase is most defensive when you say you dont like their favorite rapper?
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Wannabe underground hip hop fans.

They all pump up artists like One Be Lo, Vinnie Paz, Canibus, Craig David, etc cuz they're "REAL" but if you mention artists like ross, wayne, kanye, etc they shoot them down as trash automatically cuz their mainstream. You can't say ANYTHING negative about the new Craig David song, ohh nooo, cuz it's so REAL, IT'S THE TRUTH, ugh.  These are the worst kind of fans around.
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ecabney said:
lol @ Craig David being in the same sentence as those dusty fucks.
Just a few examples.

On another forum people were mad that rick ross is able to rap when he lies about his background.

Smh, people care wayy too much about what an artist does outside of music.
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JRG.Blizzard said:
Eminem stans?? WTF you stupid motherfuckers, GTFO with your sorry ass bullshitting about us before I pop the fucking trunk on yo ass n-

Oh, wait...

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junriee said:
LOOL so random
He was hilarious and was actually knowledgeable.

So what he made 10000 threads and is most likely "Marshall Mathers" under another name, ugh.

Rather ban the OVOXO stans tbh.
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ecabney said:
Marshall Mathers had terrible english doe
Idk I'm pretty sure he came back under "Waka Flocka Flame" awhile ago too.

All 3 made a ton of threads and were trolls. I think he's just a professional troll.
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JRG.Blizzard said:
Especially the radio part.

I was talking to one pretentiois douchebag on here that said "you won't find a single radio hit in my library." :fly:

1. Congrats?
2. He had SB/TLB, which had Hey Ya... :facepalm2:
Yeah I remember that. He thought Hey Ya wasn't mainstream.
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