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Which fan base is most defensive?

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What fanbase is most defensive when you say you dont like their favorite rapper?
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I've only been on this board a few days so maybe it isnt so bad here. But IRL and other boards it's pretty bad, IMO.
Szohr said:
Maybe I just don't see many stans or something
I'll rephrase the question and open for all fan-bases.
Maybe I'm just really annoyed when they try to shove below average music on me?
Ofcourse all fanbases are at times. The question is which is most defensive?
junriee said:
almost any artist
Why? Why should you care if I dont like someone?
Rizon said:
fans should get defensive
Here in New Orleans everyone is finally getting the memo that he's falling off. I'm the only one who realized it long ago.
King DCAPP said:
Lil Wayne fans been taking a beating from the hip-hop community since 5 minutes after Lollipop dropped.  It's time to give those fuckers a break tbh.  It's not necessarily their fault the media started telling Wayne he was a rockstar, which he decided to take literally.
Yeah, thats a good choice as well.
ecabney said:
Mac Miller fans.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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