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I'm trying to look good for a club tonight

Gonna be wearing a polo , and gamma 11s for kicks

Need some jeans fam

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anth said:
you convert to AAN? :oh:
been into anime for a while but i'm super lowkey (and I barely watch it anymore) :ninja:

mob psycho 100 bout to be lit af anyway

Mirage said:
I mean, when you think about, there's a couple of reasons why it's not really worth blowing $200+ on jeans as a core component on your wardrobe as opposed to buying something more important like outerwear or footwear.

1. The quality might be better in some areas, but I'm pretty sure if you were to ask 99% of people the difference between Acnes and Levis (aside from the fits), they won't say anything other than "superior quality."

2. No one can tell the difference between SLP D02s and tapred Levis 551s tbh.

3. Most expensive crash denim can be made yourself

4. Cheap denim can last a long ass time if you properly take care of it and don't wear it every single waking moment of your life/do tremendous squats in your jeans.
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