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When you got your license

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Did your parents still make you drive for a little bit with them until you can drive a lone? Because I got my license today and my dad said I need to drive with him still for a couple of days.
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Ether said:

Got my license a month before I turned 18
I have my own car too but my dad wants to feel comfortable and like know I'm a safe driver shit blows
KTT said:
Is this thread worthy
You have a thousand posts stfu ******
2k4 said:
My Parents are woat I guess
Because Take Care said:
During my permit days, my Grandma Let me drive her around to help me drive better. Got my license today though :slick:
Same congrats bro
Because Take Care said:
:h5: Was nervous as fuck TBH but when I got on the road, I was calm and I passed with an 81 :fire:
Did you have to parallel park
1 - 6 of 41 Posts
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