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When people say "Hip-Hop's Dead"...... YOU CRAZY

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Alright y'all. We all know that nothing is touching rap music from the 90s. But is it rap or hip hop actually DEAD? I mean how many of you know about Kendrick Lamar? That man is insane with his words. Or Logic, he's young and new to this game, but he can rap. Enough said. What do you guys think? I mean i could go on for YEARS trying to finish my list of rappers and EMCEE'S that might be saving hip hop... But I wanna know your output, to get an idea of what other "Hip-Hop Heads" think. Drop a comment and lemme know of some new artists you know too, i love listening to new people!

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MusicIsMyPassion said:
In my eyes, he is the future.
Sup Logic.
MusicIsMyPassion said:
This is not Logic. Nor is it a "Logic Fan Club Starter!" He is just a talented artist that I think is changing the game.
LOL you're Logic b. You have the same mannerisms on twitter.

MusicIsMyPassion said:
Shitt I'm asking the same thing! He should be dropping it fairly soon
LOL :notsureif:
MusicIsMyPassion said:
Numbers is one my favorite songs at the moment.
I'm sure it is Mr Logic. :fly:
MusicIsMyPassion said:
I LOVE KENDRICK. And i know how popular he is on here.. I was just opening discussion about him!!!
Details about Undeniable please. :work:
MusicIsMyPassion said:
Bro I wish I had some too. Lets all hit him up on twitter and ask him to give us some details!!!!!
@Logic301? :oblivious:

But really tho. PM me pls. :allears:
MusicIsMyPassion said:
IT won't let me!! IM new to this. would you know why? I just tried PMing someone else too and it wouldtn work..
I won't DL your shit ever again if you don't disclose information. :tash:
MusicIsMyPassion said:
Bro this is not Logic. Don't do him like that lol
1 - 14 of 88 Posts
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