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When people say "Hip-Hop's Dead"...... YOU CRAZY

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Alright y'all. We all know that nothing is touching rap music from the 90s. But is it rap or hip hop actually DEAD? I mean how many of you know about Kendrick Lamar? That man is insane with his words. Or Logic, he's young and new to this game, but he can rap. Enough said. What do you guys think? I mean i could go on for YEARS trying to finish my list of rappers and EMCEE'S that might be saving hip hop... But I wanna know your output, to get an idea of what other "Hip-Hop Heads" think. Drop a comment and lemme know of some new artists you know too, i love listening to new people!

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Reindeer of the Roc said:
Logic is dope af.
In my eyes, he is the future.
CT said:
Not particularly. I agree with your topic, though.
Fair enough. Got any other low key artist you suggest my listening to?!
Pitchfork Rating said:
I don't think I've heard anyone say hip-hop is dead for about 5 years now.
Really? I hear it daily.
Guys I'm agreeing with you! Hip-Hop is no where near dead. It aggravates me when i hear it too! I wasn't saying it was, i was just stating that Hip Hop is amazing! You just have to dig deeper to find better talent.
Cheesebob said:
Perhaps back in like the mid-00s I could kind of agree, there wasn't much going on in Hip-Hop that was of any worth but now...its one of the most exciting genres going tbh.
THANK YOU. I agree... Spoke my words better than I could, thank you good sir
.project said:
i heard your young sinatra tape before and its pretty good.

well....not sure if Logic or if a Logic fan from youtube  :notsureif:
This is not Logic. Nor is it a "Logic Fan Club Starter!" He is just a talented artist that I think is changing the game.
BananaMilk said:
OP is Nas
Trust me, didn't forget about him. Haha
Erling_ski said:
How can hip hop be dead if Wu-Tang is forever?
I like that. So true
Reindeer of the Roc said:
LOL you're Logic b. You have the same mannerisms on twitter.

Lol......... This isn't Logic! I mean.. Why would I lie if it really was?? Also Why would I promo in 3rd person? lol
.project said:
hes dope tho. i dont think i've heard anyone say hip-hop is dead for a while now. its evolving with every new artist. there weren't really any new artists back when hip-hop was considered "dead" so maybe thats the reason
Exactly fan! Woaah I just heard this new kid.. He's mad young though. Are you wanting to hear him? I can send you a message he went over a Logic beat quite well.
Steele said:
What would you say is your best song on Young Sinatra?
THATS A HARD ONE. They are all amazing
Zakk said:
Whats a Kendrick Lemar?
Kendrick Lamar? You should defiantly look him up.
Reindeer of the Roc said:
Where that Undeniable mixtape at? :seanshrug:
Shitt I'm asking the same thing! He should be dropping it fairly soon
I know you are new here, but we aren't exactly oblivious to these people. A lot of the guys popular on the internet now are guys we've been talking about since 08 and 09 here. This isn't 2006 where Lil Wayne is the only good rapper on planet earth, Hip Hop is far from dead and thats why you don't hear old ass ****** like Nas and Ice T and KRS 1 bitching about it as much.
Yes I am new here. And those aren't my only ppl i wanna share with you guys, they are just a couple people who i though would be a nice addition to some people music collection! You've heard of Hi-Rez right?
Zakk said:
Never heard of him on this forum, must suck.
He does not suck. Its worth a search
nah is he any good
He's mad dope! Just turned 18, for Fort Lauderdale. What about Metro Zu?
yeah he's with purrp
Yeah He's ill. What about Kooley High?
Reindeer of the Roc said:
Numbers...Headlines Pt. 2.

Numbers is one my favorite songs at the moment.
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