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When people say "Hip-Hop's Dead"...... YOU CRAZY

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Alright y'all. We all know that nothing is touching rap music from the 90s. But is it rap or hip hop actually DEAD? I mean how many of you know about Kendrick Lamar? That man is insane with his words. Or Logic, he's young and new to this game, but he can rap. Enough said. What do you guys think? I mean i could go on for YEARS trying to finish my list of rappers and EMCEE'S that might be saving hip hop... But I wanna know your output, to get an idea of what other "Hip-Hop Heads" think. Drop a comment and lemme know of some new artists you know too, i love listening to new people!

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i heard your young sinatra tape before and its pretty good.

well....not sure if Logic or if a Logic fan from youtube  :notsureif:
MusicIsMyPassion said:
This is not Logic. Nor is it a "Logic Fan Club Starter!" He is just a talented artist that I think is changing the game.
hes dope tho. i dont think i've heard anyone say hip-hop is dead for a while now. its evolving with every new artist. there weren't really any new artists back when hip-hop was considered "dead" so maybe thats the reason
MusicIsMyPassion said:
Exactly fan! Woaah I just heard this new kid.. He's mad young though. Are you wanting to hear him? I can send you a message he went over a Logic beat quite well.

why not.  :datass:


but send it over
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