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"Yeah, we're about to do something real big. I can't speak on it too much right now, but Drake is the only artist [Lil B] wants to work with. We've talked about doing some production."

Lil B added, "[Drake] wants to do something and we're gonna make it happen. Something real big, so just look out for it."

Source: http://www.complex.com/music/2012/05/lil-b-confirms-hes-working-with-drake [from 2012!]


^I'm On One sample + Drake shoutout (this was in 2012)

Earlier, Lil B dissed Drake a couple of times, but he's already past that.

Exhibit A:
"I'm not Drake, I ain't come in the game rich"

Exhibit B:
"Drake said he ain't cry when Tupac died/I bet dub he ain't say that shit if Pac was alive."

When is the collabo coming? It's been two years and still nothing happened. Do you think it will ever come? Previously, Lil B has collaborated with Jean Grae, Cormega, Soulja Boy and 9th Wonder, but Drake is on another level. However, I think they got love for each other nowadays.

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Waiting for the typical "never coming just like HOTM" that always comes in these types of threads :work:
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